Refurbish Your RV, Aviation, and Marine Using Cleaner Wax to Make It Look Shiny 

We all know that regularly waxing your marine, auto, and aviation is important. Generally, people wash and polish their vehicles, skipping the waxing. However, waxing is equally important for many valid reasons. Keeping your vehicle waxed will protect your vehicle body and paint. Also, it keeps your vehicle in good shape and running efficiently for many years.

Over time, the marine, aviation, and auto tend to lose their shine because of many causes. They are constantly exposed to sunlight, resulting in paint oxidation. The paint starts to fade away over time, leaving the vehicle to look dull. It also affects the strength of the vehicle exterior. Likewise, marine is constantly exposed to sunlight and seawater, which speeds up the oxidation.

Refurbishing the vehicle using cleaner wax will help you bring your vehicle back to life. Remember, the oxidation will take place for sure. But with regular waxing, you can slow down the oxidation process to a big extent.

Regular waxing is a significant step to protect your vehicle against the rapid oxidation. Applying the wax is almost similar for marine, auto, and aviation.


In this handy guide, we will share a detailed procedure to perform marine waxing.

Give a wash to your marine

Before waxing, the very first thing you need to do is wash it thoroughly. It accumulates a huge amount of dirt and grime while spending so much time in the water. The dirt on the marine surface makes it look bad and can damage the paint job. Once the paint is damaged, the marine exterior will face erosion issues.

Before you wash it, please remove it from the water and securely park. Next, you will have to cover the interior, so it does not get wet from inside. Then spray down the marine with water and apply soap or cleaning solutions. After a few minutes, rinse your marine with clean water and leave it for drying.  

Buff the surface

Once your marine is clean, apply polish to the surface. It will break down all discoloration and imperfections on the surface. Gently apply the polish using a soft cloth or a polishing pad. Once the surface starts to look shiny, stop polishing it.

Apply the clear wax

Always choose a high-quality wax to apply on your marine exterior. Once you have determined the right wax, read out all instructions before getting started. You can apply the wax by hand or an electric waxing tool. All you have to do is apply the wax in a circular motion uniformly on the entire marine exterior. Then, allow the wax to dry for a few minutes until it begins to look hazy.

Buff the marine surface again

Finally, you have to repeat the buffing process, either by hand or buffing tool, in the same circular manner on the entire exterior. As you buff the wax, you begin to notice the exterior look shiny and clean, almost like a new marine.

Simply, every time you take your auto, marine, and aviation out, it exposes you to UV rays and water. These elements will affect your exterior, leading to erosion. If you don't wax regularly, the exterior will look dull and susceptible to damage. So, try to wax it at least once in three months. It will keep your vehicle always look great and protected against all harsh elements for years.


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