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Garry's ROYAL SATIN is currently offering their premium line of aviation, car, and boat care products in these exclusive detailing packages, which include the new EASY SHINE detailing spray (with Carnauba), together with their signature blends of clear coat cleaner wax formulas. Choose from either liquid or cream paste.

Now, you can clean, polish, and protect your automobile all in one easy step with our car wax -- all while keeping that showroom shine looking great and long-lasting with the new quick wax maintenance spray! Garry's ROYAL SATIN one-step cleaner waxes are designed to provide deep-cleaning for clear coat and non-clear coat surfaces by removing the contaminants, residues, and hazy films that block the natural high-gloss shine from today's car and boat finishes. Garry's ROYAL SATIN Automotive one-step cleaner wax:

  • Removes Light Oxidation
  • Restores Original Finish
  • Protects Against UV Damage
  • Provides High Quality Shine
  • Contains Hydro-Polymers & Carnauba

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Choose a simple option to clean and protect the finish on your car, aircraft, or boat with Garry's ROYAL SATIN.

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Order our Marine & RV ONE STEP Cleaner Wax Liquid to protect your boat or RV.

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Purchase Garry's Ultra Wash for a great way to clean your boat between full details.

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